RRCA uses all tier one curriculum as set forth by the Louisiana Department of Education.

Our curriculum will include:​

  • Math
    • Agile Minds
  • ELA
    • MyPerspectives
  • Science
    • IQWST / LDOE Framework & Curriculum
  • Social Studies – LDOE Framework & Curriculum
  • RTI- (SuccessMaker and iLit) – for Middle and High School Students to work at their level to bridge any learning gaps and/or enrich student knowledge beyond their grade level!

The curricula will provide the following:

  •  A well-rounded curriculum that emphasizes teaching how to think and not what to think in order to foster life-long learning.
  • Implement a contextual curriculum where the subjects are coordinated to co-support each other under a formal educational structure of how science, technology, engineering, mathematics and the broad spectrum of the arts, all relate to one another in reality.
  • Emphasize hands-on, real world approaches to increase motivation, relevance and achievement for our students as well as foster their natural curiosity in the world around them.
  • Utilize inquiry and place-based learning as a core process to develop critical thinking and facilitate and demonstrate learning.
  • Preserve in students a sense of attachment to their surroundings in order to develop active, productive community citizens who recognize their role and responsibility to themselves, their neighbors, and the world.
  • Develop partnerships with local and regional resources to build stronger working relationships among educators, parents and other community members.
  • Foster parental partnerships to encourage collaboration in a supportive, resource-rich learning environment.​


We are currently serving grades 6-10 for the 2021-22 School Year. We will add a grade up every year until we are serving grades 6-12!

Red River Charter Academy promotes high achievement in all subjects through a demanding curriculum, extensive support services, and the use of data-driven, best practice teaching methods. Let’s get started.

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