Why Charter School

Every parent wants the very best for his/her child. By choosing a charter school you can look for the best fit for what you expect from an educational institution. You don’t have to be satisfied with the closest or zoned school in your area if it is not what you want for your child. You will want to examine the differences in curricula, culture and academic expectations that the charter school offers, as compared to the surrounding schools. Every child and every family is different.

One size does not fit everyone. Look for a charter that mirrors your values and your dreams of success for your child. Below are the three ways that our curriculum and culture are different from a traditional setting.

RRCA has curricula that incorporate blended learning in every core subject. That means that the latest technology will be used as a resource and teaching tool. Students will have access to laptops for many lessons, but they will also have a textbook that accompanies the online lessons.

RRCA has another distinguishing feature. We believe that a campus should provide safety for every individual. That means more than just securing the facility with a fence. The school climate must be accepting and respectful of all persons both adults and students. That is why we are focused on character development through the use of a Character Counts Curriculum. This curriculum has been around for over 30 years and has proven to increase academic performance while reducing behaviors such as bullying, disrespect and property damage. Each student receives a student planner with Character Counts weekly reminders. Teachers have lesson plans to present weekly as well. Your child’s well-being and ability to get along with others is a priority. All of our standards for behavior can be found in the traits taught in the Character Counts Curriculum.

Lastly, our belief in every student’s success means that we must provide remediation for some students and enrichment for others. With that in mind, we have invested in a program called Success Maker. It is an online program designed to raise the reading and/or math achievement of students who are behind their peers. With our schedule designed to allow time for small group, computer based, and one-on-one RTI (response to intervention) each school day, students will have every opportunity to catch up. If a student is working far beyond his/her peers in a subject within our core curricula, the student can choose between many choices of special projects and research opportunities for both individuals and small groups that can help foster even more academic success. No student should be bored, and no student should feel so overwhelmed that they want to give up on school.

From our Director:

Thank you for visiting the Red River Charter Academy website. We’ve worked hard to make this a useful tool to learn about the fundamentals of our school, as well as to provide up-to-date information on the progress of our application.

We have aligned our curriculum to improve academic success for ALL students. We have high expectations of excellence in character and academic achievement for each of our students. The gains our students make over the course of their time at RRCA will prepare them for success in their post-secondary endeavors.

Our focus will be on individual students and we will provide an outstanding professional staff that is always looking for ways to improve. Our staff will be dedicated to the mission of RRCA and your child will be treated with respect in a caring environment. We also believe that parental partnerships are essential and critical in the middle school years. Parents will have many opportunities to be involved in their child’s education.

Finally, if you have further interest or questions regarding the information provided on this site, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks again for your interest in and support of Red River Charter Academy. We’re excited to offer a school of choice to the students in and around Avoyelles Parish.

Charles G. Jones
Executive Director


RRCA will be serving grades 6-12 for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year.

Red River Charter Academy promotes high achievement in all subjects through a demanding curriculum, extensive support services, and the use of data-driven, best practice teaching methods. Let’s get started.

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